EcoKids is a free and easy fundraising scheme designed to raise money through clothes recycling for schools, PTA’s and youth organisations.

Some fundraising ideas can prove to be hard work and time consuming tasks but at EcoKids we take all the hard work out! We operate throughout the UK and a pleased to say that our easy fundraising scheme pays one of the best rates around! 



How clothes recycling helps Schools 

Are you searching for school fundraising ideas? Clothes recycling for schools is a free and easy fundraising tool and something that we here at EcoKids specialise in!

PTA fundraising or something for the pupils to be involved in, our easy fundraising scheme will work for you!

If you are signing up on behalf of a school whether its for PTA fundraising, a staff member or parent, as long as you have the school’s permission you can sign them up today. Let's kick start your school fundraising!

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How clothes recycling helps Youth Groups 

When looking for fundraising ideas for youth group and charities, it’s easy to follow the route of searching for school fundraising ideas or pta fundraising however some are very niche to schools and don’t work for youth groups.

Not with us. EcoKids isn’t just clothes recycling for schools, it’s designed for all sports clubs, youth organisations and charity fundraising as well.

Youth groups ranging from football clubs to scout groups have used EcoKids to raise money which proves we really do have the easy fundraising solution you’ve been looking for. 

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