EcoKids Clothing Recycling For Schools, PTA's and Youth Organisations

A Free Fundraising Idea for Schools, PTAs & Youth Organisations.


EcoKids Clothing Recycling Project was founded in 2010 with the main aim of raising money for schools, PTAs and youth organisations through clothes recycling and school collections. 

Our scheme of raising money for schools, ptas and youth organisations is used by hundreds of schools and clubs, here's why:

We pay more for your old clothing

School fundraising through clothing recycling with us is cost free and easy! From arranging your collection to receiving your payment, it’s completely free! We are confident that the amount we pay per tonne is one of the best rates around. We pay £550 per tonne (55p per kg) whereas most other textile recycling companies pay just £400 per tonne (40p per kg). Don't worry, you don't need to collect a tonne in order to raise money, we pay by the kg! Raising money for schools, PTAs and youth organisations is what we specialise in and we are proud to make it a free and simple school collection and fundraising scheme for you from start to finish! 

We help schools and youth organisations build awareness of clothes recycling

As well as ticking the box for school fundraising ideas, we are proud that our fundraising scheme actively promotes, encourages and educates children about textile recycling. We specialise in collecting good quality clothing so are dedicated to not only raising money for schools, ptas and youth organisations but to helping the environment by preventing good quality clothing going to landfill.

Is EcoKids Project the school fundraising idea I'm looking for?

EcoKids helps towards all school fundraising efforts; from primary schools right up to colleges and ptas as well as youth organisations. Not only is it a great school fundraising idea, clothing recycling benefits families who really need our help through reusing good quality clothes. See some of our testimonials.

How to find out more about this great school fundraising idea

If you are looking for a great PTA fundraising idea for your school, EcoKids can help! Find out more about how clothing recycling with EcoKids can help your school, PTA or youth organisation see the How it Works page



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