School fundraising through clothing recycling

Helping your child’s school or club through clothing recycling has never been so simple. By having a clear out you can not only make space at home but also help with their school fundraising or club fundraising!

You may have received word of an EcoKids clothes recycling collection happening soon and want to know what we do and do not collect. To help with this we have put together a list.

During your collection you may get asked if we collect certain items. To help you out we have put together a list of what we do and do not accept. So here is an opportunity to sort through your cupboards, wardrobes and dare we say it....the garage and even the loft!

Start sorting today!

After all the more you collect the more money you will raise!

We can accept the following items
  • Good quality, dry clean clothing
  • Paired, clean and undamaged shoes
  • Handbags & accessories
  • Costume Jewellery
  • Toys in new and working condition
  • Cosmetics

We can not accept the following items

  • Bad quality, damaged, wet, stained, mouldy or ripped clothing
  • All types of underwear, socks, tights & leggings
  • Torn, dirty or damaged trainers
  • Vintage/outdated/long term stored clothing
  • Long term stored items
  • Nightwear & School uniforms
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Quilts, duvets, pillows & curtains 
  • Carpets, mats & rugs
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Furniture
  • CD's, DVD's, Audio & Video tapes
  • All electrical items 
  • Books, Textbooks & Magazines


Unfortunately EcoKids can no longer accept books and bric-a-brac. This is clearly stated throughout our website and on all promotional and downloadable material. We realise that our current stock of bags which you may be receiving does still state that we collect books, but please ignore this information. The information on the promotional and downloadable materials is correct and should be followed. Thank you for your understanding.

We kindly request you to note that Unicare Ltd., and their Collectors reserve the right to refuse/reject all items that do not fall under category of acceptable items.

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