How Eco Kids Project can raise money for your Youth Group

EcoKids is an easy fundraising scheme

All you need to do is follow steps 1 to 4 to you'll soon start raising money for youth organisation or charity.

EcoKids isn’t just about raising money for schools; it’s designed for all sports clubs, youth organisations and charity fundraising through clothes recycling as well.


Step 1: Fundraising Registration

When you’ve decided that EcoKids and our clothes recycling scheme is the right fundraising option for you, you will need to register with us.

Once you’ve registered with us, a friendly member of the EcoKids team will call you to discuss your fundraising plans and how we can help with our easy fundraising scheme.

Step 2: Start Fundraising

When a collection date has been booked, it’s time to kick start your easy fundraising! As EcoKids is a cost free way of raising money, the collection bags & promotional materials (posters and leaflets) will be delivered to you, free of charge! We can deliver the bags to and collect from an address convenient for you i.e. your home address or club house.

We advise that you allow plenty of time to distribute the clothes recycling bags and to promote your fundraising collection.

Step 3: Clothes Recycling

Two days before collection you will receive a courtesy call just to make sure that everything is still ok for the arranged date & time. This is also to ensure your clothes recycling collection has a minimum of 50 full EcoKids bags of clothing ready.

On collection day our EcoKids driver and van will arrive at the designated collection address. Our EcoKids driver will collect the clothing bags, weigh them and issue you with a receipt. Upon his return to the depot, the contents will be checked. The items that we can’t take, will be rejected, weighed and deducted from the initial weight on your receipt. These results will be emailed to you and then we will send you our payment!

Step 4: Receive your funds

The amount of money you have raised from your fundraising collection will be emailed to you within 7 days.

In accordance with your payment instructions (cheque & BACS), the payment with a certificate of achievement and an award for every child will be sent to you.

The clothes are then recycled to deprived families in countries in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Thought EcoKids was just for school and pta fundraising? Think again.

For cost free and easy fundraising for your organisation......REGISTER NOW

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