EcoKids help school fundraising to open Trim Trail for children

When schools sign up to EcoKids, each have their own reason/thing they are fundraising for. From school trips to new equipment, whatever the reason EcoKids support it.

Crescent Primary School, Nottingham used EcoKids to help with their school fundraising towards raising money for a Trim Trail play area for all pupils at the school to enjoy.


Raising almost £800 through EcoKids so far, this was put in the fundraising pot and helped make the schools Trim Trail turn from a dream into reality. Opened earlier this year, all children are loving the trim trial with its log traverse, monkey bars and climbing wall!

Speaking of the school’s fundraising, Sally Spencer said ‘All our fundraising efforts go to providing the children at school with new equipment and treats such as school trips to places they’ve never ventured before such as the seaside.

'All our EcoKids fundraising collections so far have gone towards providing the children with a fabulous trim trail which was put in place earlier this year. In total we raised over £10,000 for the Trim Trail. Thank you EcoKids for providing a fundraising idea that is easy and hassle free and has helped us reach our fundraising targets so far’

It just goes to show that fundraising can really help make a difference, not matter how big or small the aim is. Raising money for schools, ptas and clubs, EcoKids is the perfect, hassle free, fundraising solution. 

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