EcoKids support cancer charity to promote awareness of childhood cancer awareness month

Some may not know but September isn’t just getting back into the school routine, it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Cancer is the number one child killer. Every day in the UK, 10 families receive the devasting news that their child has cancer.

Unicare Ltd, the parent company of EcoKids, partner with the child cancer charity, Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance. Through door to door collection since Nov 2013, Unicare through fundraising have donated over £17,000 to CCPA.

When we heard of the CCPA Gold Ribbon Groupie event running throughout September to help raise awareness of the cruel disease, we instantly wanted to be involved and offer our support in any way.

Samantha Jarvis, Marketing & PR Executive at Unicare Ltd said ‘Child Cancer is a truly horrible disease which devastates lives. After the recent success of campaigns such as ‘no make-up selfie’ and ‘ice bucket challenge’ if this campaign can help increase awareness of child cancer, it’s something we wanted to support.’

By visiting the Facebook page and following the eBay link, for just £2 you can purchase a gold ribbon pin. All CCPA then ask is for you to post a selfie to the event page. The Childhood Cancer Gold Ribbon is the universal symbol for Childhood Cancer. It celebrates the victory of each life saved, cherishes the memory of every precious life lost, and shines with the hope of cure for all children worldwide. 

It might not seem much but if a photo can raise awareness to just one other person, it’s for sure worth it.

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