Important update in regards to EcoKids Collections

We are giving this Project a face-lift but, not for cosmetic reasons!! 

There are several reasons, including conflicts in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine and political unrest in Africa, our main markets.   There is oversaturation of supplies as well as a decline in demand due to fluctuating currencies.

Among our objectives is to maintain our top payment tariff.  

The changes we are making will apply to the items we collect and consequently, the amount of money we will pay. 

As you are all aware, there is a strong element of trust bestowed on all participants to put acceptable items into the collection bags.  

We believe that we have been fair and patient in our approach to have this request observed.

However, in recent months sadly, this element of the project has been abused; therefore, we are going to restructure the project. 

Combined with the staffing issue affecting collections in southern England, the postponement of all booked collections for May including all requests for new bookings, was necessary.  

It is our intention to resume this service as soon as possible.Keep looking out for updates.  We will give priority to those members who have had their collections cancelled. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding and look forward to providing you with an improved service in our support with your fundraising efforts.

Kind regards

The EcoKids Management Team

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